What is Zafarnama?

I am a trainer and a traveller; that's how I love to introduce myself. People also call me 'Musafir' because that's what my name means, a traveller. So, quite naturally, travelling is in the name! Apart from that, I am passionate about riding and clicking pictures of nature and myself :) 

Who is Rahil Zafar?

Well, it is a blog site managed by me where I post all my travel activities with an aim to help you plan your trips and itineraries for places I have already been to or I may travel to. 

For most of you, it might sound familiar! Of course, it does rhyme with Safarnama. Safarnama is an Urdu word which means 'travelogue'. Safar is Urdu for travel, a journey, and nama is a suffix which means 'the story of'.


You must have heard of Babarnama and Akbarnama, so, it is quite similar to that, in fact, there is a document ( a spiritual victory letter ) by the name of Zafarnama that was sent by Sri Guru Gobind Singh to Aurangzeb after the battle of Chamkaur. But it hasn't got anything to do with my travelogue.


Essentially, for me, it is my travelogue through which I want to help as many people as possible to start travelling and exploring new places. 

Basically, Zafarnama is a travel web site and now a Youtube channel as well. Through this channel, you will get to know and learn about different places, such as restaurants, markets, monuments, etc. My goal is to inspire as many 

people as possible to explore and experience new places more regularly. 

Also, support those who can't travel, for numerous reasons,  to see  

this wonderful world through Zafarnama. That is the nam